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Pringles Ship Test

Pringles requested CPGIO to find shipping solutions to their famous potato crisps that would help them arrive to customers without being reduced to crumbs and powder. The test was quite a study as well as experimental. Results were conclusive, and recommendations were submitted. 


Central Perk  

Central Perk with Friends is a Warner Bros. initiative to sell special coffee made for fans of the great sitcom, "Friends." Unique packaging was designed and produced through CPGIO giving the project a special touch. Sells on their own D2C website. 

Central Perk Coffee_Page_01_edited.jpg

KAO Bioré - Curel Packaging

KAO requested CPGIO to come up with several different sized tuck fold ship boxes to accommodate a variety of their new products. We more than met expectations and set a precedent for the final box design. 

KAO - BIORÉ D2C _Page_01_edited.jpg

Nestlé Rallies Chocolate Bombs

Nestlé challenged us to cold-ship their new Rallies chocolate bombs. Beta testing was conducted and tailored packaging was created for this famous brand. 

Nestlé Rallies Playbook 1_edited.jpg

Sweet Baby Ray's

Sweet Baby Ray's requested options for shipping their March Madness trio of Sweet Baby Ray's dressings in a branded tuck-fold mailer with colored crinkle paper and branded ship tape. The client created the final art for the ship box.

Sweet Baby Ray Playbook 1_edited.jpg

SC Johnson's Glade Memories 

SC Johnson's Glade Memory Project was a special initiative where Glade candles with personalized picture cards were sold on a singular website. All the proceeds went to the study for Alzheimer’s Disease to the University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste research. 

29_Glade Memories Project Presentation M

Columbus Charcuterie Kits

The Columbus Charcuterie Kits was a D2C project that entailed selling specialized Columbus meats, cheeses, olives, crackers and other charcuterie delights. The challenge was to conduct a series of cold-ship tests to ensure the right amount of ice packs would keep meats and cheeses cold during shipment and then package dims were created around it. The complexity of the project grew as each component was ordered from multiple vendors. The organization skills of the project manager was quintessential to the project's success.

Columbus All Kits Warehouse Instructions

Home Run Inn Pizza

Home Run Inn Pizza challenged us to sell and ship their famous Chicago-style pizzas. Beta tests were conducted and various size boxes with respective thermal liners were tailor-made for this client. 

Home Run Inn Pizza _Page_01_edited.jpg

Supreme Lobster

The Supreme Lobster project was the ultimate in cold-shipping since the fresh-frozen fish arrived to our docks on a daily basis, and then had to be shipped on dry ice overnight to customers. We created a brand guide for them outside the scope of the project. 

Supreme Lobster Playbook 1_edited.jpg

KOGÍ - Chef Roy Choi Sauces

Kogí's Chef Roy Choi brought the flavors of Korean BBQ together in taco form with all of the textures of his great city and sold it to loyal crowds from a food truck posting up in every neighborhood far and wide. We were only too eager to make Kogí a household name with our D2C website and branded packaging. 

Kogi Playbook 1_edited.jpg
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